Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this atricle:

Fish Populations: Light at the Start of the Tunnel Dynamics of Marine Fish Populations. Rothschild, Brian. 1986.

Ecology of Biological Invasions of North America and Hawaii. Mooney, H. A., and Drake, J. A., eds. 1986.

Amazonia Rain Forests: Ecosystem Disturbance and Recovery. Jordan, C. F., ed. 1987.

Gene Banks and the Worlds Food. Plucknett, Donald L.; Smith, Nigel J. H.; Williams, J. T.; and Anishetty, N. Murthi. 1987.

North Key Largo, Florida Habitat Conservation Plan. Siemon, C. L.; Larsen, W. U.; and Purdy, J. D. 1986.