Cover: A variety of systems, issues, and approaches are involved in the conservation of marine resources (special section, pages 1699–1778). Top row: (left) invertebrate assemblage of a kelp forest, Monterey, California (photo by Lance Morgan); (right) ceremonial harvest of reef fish, Papua New Guinea (photo by Joshua Cinner). Middle row: (left) reef fish in traditional fishery, Indonesia (photo by Joshua Cinner); (center) red rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) in Te Angiangi Marine Reserve, New Zealand (photo by Ian Nilsson); (right) traditional spearfisher, Papua New Guinea (photo by Joshua Cinner). Bottom row: (left) ecoguard educates the local community at Hohéli Marine Park, Comoros Islands,Africa (photo by Mark Brown); (right) the rocky intertidal zone of Las Cruces Marine Protected Area, Chile (photo by Carolyn Lundquist).