Biodiversity and Soils


Sustaining Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Soils and Sediments . SCOPE Series , Volume 64 . D. H. Wall , editor . Island Press , Washington , D.C. 2004 . 320 pp . $60.00 (hardcover) . ISBN 1-55963-759-5 .

Sustaining Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services in Soils and Sediments is an important work that brings attention to those surface and subsurface environments that provide a remarkable array of biogeochemical interactions. This book illustrates well the interdependence and relationships between important ecosystem “services” for humans and the complex and intricate biodiversity that exists within soils and sediments that plays a fundamental role in critical ecosystem functions.

A large volume of scientific information was used to synthesize the understanding and interrelationship of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning presented within this work.

The arguments and themes within it are well supported with robust literature-cited sections. The information assembled and used for this volume is diverse, interdisciplinary, well integrated, and well organized within the three main sections of the book.

Due to an interdisciplinary approach necessary to adequately address and characterize poorly under stood subsurface environments, many authors were involved in the work. As a result, organization and flow of information, as well as writing style and quality, differ from chapter to chapter. However, the concepts are generally presented in a concise and well-written manner.