New Directions for Book Reviews in Conservation Biology


It is my pleasure to assume the responsibility of book review editor for Conservation Biology. After nearly a decade of hard work Peggy Fiedler has passed along the baton, and we all owe her a debt of gratitude.

I would like to introduce some changes to the section. First, we will move away from reviews of single books to reviews of sets of books. With this we ask that reviewers do more than simply review published works, we ask that they also provide their perspectives on the fields addressed by the books. Second, we seek representation of a wider range of books—complementing the publishing powerhouses of the United Kingdom and United States with books published in other countries. Although we will mainly review books published in English, we welcome suggestions for books published in other languages that should become known to English speakers. The wider range of books will include other disciplines as well. Conservation professionals trained in the natural sciences need to learn about books published in other disciplines, particularly the social sciences, from which conservation has much to learn. We will work with SCB's regional sections and working groups to expand our reach. We would also like to consider biographies, essay collections, and perhaps even novels and poetry—as long as the books meet the acid test of being important for the improvement of our conservation work. Furthermore, I am introducing a short section called “Noted with Interest” that provides thumbnail reviews of books of interest that will not receive full reviews. Finally, we would like to consider books published electronically that are available commercially or gratis.

I welcome your thoughts—and your patience—as we undertake these changes. Let us show the world that books remain a vital part of our science, our conservation, and our lives.