Noted with Interest

The Eagle Watchers. Observing and Conserving Raptors around the World. Tingay, R. E., and T. E. Katzner, editors. 2010. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY. 256 pp. $29.95 (hardcover). ISBN 978-0-8014-4873-7.

First-hand vignettes of field work written by raptor biologists nestle comfortably with brief summaries of species’ life histories and conservation status to make an engaging read for natural-history buffs.

Soil Carbon Dynamics. An Integrated Methodology. Kutsch, W. L., M. Bahn, and A. Heinemeyer, editors. 2010. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K. 298 pp. $110 (hardcover). ISBN 978-0-521-86561-6.

Future atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide will be affected strongly by the fate of carbon stored in soil—the largest terrestrial carbon pool—making vital an integrated understanding of the dynamics of soil carbon.

The Chinese Alligator. Ecology, Behavior, Conservation, and Culture. Thorbjarnarson, J., and X. Wang. 2010. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD. 288 pp. $85 (hardcover). ISBN 978-0-8018-9348-3.

The mythical Chinese dragon began life as the Chinese alligator, an animal whose history, biology, and conservation is detailed in this carefully written book.

Doing Science. Design, Analysis, and Communication of Scientific Research. 2nd edition. Valiela, I. 2009. Oxford University Press, Oxford, U.K. 352 pp. $34.95 (paperback). ISBN 978-0-195-38573-1.

An accessible handbook for those interested in exploring, testing, and communicating scientific issues, with many illustrations and helpful tips.