Cover: African elephants (Loxodonta africana) in Amboseli National Park, Kenya. On pages 1002–1010, Wittemyer examines relations between African elephant mortality and human-caused wounds and measures of local economic conditions, macroeconomic conditions, and primary productivity. When cattle prices in pastoralist Samburu, Kenya, were low, human-caused wounds to and adult mortality of elephants increased. Changes in gross domestic product in Kenya and East Asia, the primary markets for ivory, did not explain significant variation in mortality. Results suggest that in some cases, economic metrics are associated with changes in human use of and resulting effects on natural resources. Cover image © 2011 Art Wolfe.

Photographer: For the past 30 years, Art Wolfe has worked in hundreds of locations spanning all continents. His photographic style draws on both art and journalism to document his subjects and educate his viewers. His goal is to obtain public support for conservation by focusing on what is beautiful on Earth. Wolfe has published over 60 books for adults and children, including The Living Wild, Vanishing Act, Edge of the Earth–Corner of the Sky, and The Art of Photographing Nature. His book Light on the Land was a gift of state during the Clinton administration, and he has received awards from diverse organizations, including the National Outdoor Book Awards and Graphis. Wolfe is a recipient of the Photographic Society of America's Progress Medal and the first Rachel Carson Award from the National Audubon Society.