In the June 2011 issue of Conservation Biology (volume 25, number 3) in “Understanding Interaction Effects of Climate Change and Fire Management on Bird Distributions through Combined Process and Habitat Models” by White et al. (volume 25, number 3, pp. 536–546) the following errors appear:

Page 541, right column: “Only the 2001–2002 model had higher mean relative probability of occurrence values for both climate-change scenarios (0.44 [0.31]); relative to the current scenario (0.38 [0.30]).” This should read “…both climate-change scenarios (0.41 [0.31]; 0.41 [0.32]) relative to the current scenario (0.38 [0.30]).”

Page 544, heading of last column in Table 3: “no climate change, no fire suppression.” This should read “no climate change, fire suppression.”

Also, in the June 2010 issue, in “Management and Recovery Options for Ural River Beluga Sturgeon” by Doukakis et al. (volume 24, number 3, pp. 769–777), the authors claimed incorrectly that they were the “first to have calculated fishing mortality rate reference points for any Caspian Sea sturgeon fishery.” Babayan et al. published a study in 2006 in which they estimated fishing mortality rates for Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) from Volga River (V. K. Babayan, T. I. Bulgakova, B. N. Kotenev, D. A. Vasilyev, R. Khodorevskaya, and A. D. Vlasenko 2006. Caspian sturgeon TAC foundation in modern conditions. VNIRO [Russian Federal Research Institute of Fishery and Oceanography], Moscow). The authors apologize for this error.