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Cover: Tree pincushion (Leucospermum conocarpodendron viridum), a member of the family Proteaceae and the largest member of its genus, Cape of Good Hope National Park, South Africa. On pages 593-601, Tucker et al. explore differences in the species richness, phylogenetic diversity, and evolutionary distinctiveness of Proteaceae species in the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa. They found that species richness and phylogenetic diversity typically were highly correlated, but sites with high phylogenetic diversity were more spatially extensive than sites with high species richness. Rare species generally had high levels of evolutionary distinctiveness. Sites near the southern edge of the Cape Floristic Region were occupied by species with high levels of evolutionary distinctiveness and limited geographic ranges, but those sites were not assigned high conservation-priority rankings on the basis of species richness or phylogenetic distinctiveness.

Photographer: Photographer and conservationist Jaime Rojo ( believes visual storytelling is a powerful tool for conservation. Since moving to Mexico from his native Spain 8 years ago, Jaime has worked with diverse environmental nongovernmental organizations while developing his career as a photographer. He has participated in numerous conservation initiatives including the promotion of El Carmen Big Bend Conservation Corridor, a transboundary protected area along the border between Mexico and the United States; a campaign to protect the San Pedro Mezquital, the last free-flowing river in the western Sierra Madre; and the celebration of WILD9, the ninth World Wilderness Congress, for which he was executive director in Mexico. Rojo is a trustee of Th e WILD Foundation and an associate of the International League of Conservation Photographers.