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Conservation Biology

Cover: The aardvark (Orycteropus afer) is exceedingly secretive and wary and thus rarely seen. It occurs throughout savannahs in Sub-Saharan Africa. This young male was photographed at 2200 hours as he emerged from his burrow to forage. The picture was taken with a camera-trap setup on a ranch in North Laikipia County, Kenya. Aardvarks and many other African mammals are affected by human land uses and the tolerance of humans to the presence of these animals (see pages 1026–1039).

Photographer: Mark Jones is a wildlife photographer, author, and accredited yacht skipper. Originally from northern England, he spent more than 10 years in the Galapagos Islands as a professional naturalist and dive guide before settling in New Zealand over 20 years ago. In business partnership with acclaimed wildlife photographer Tui De Roy, Mark is co-owner of Roving Tortoise Nature Photography, and his images, also marketed by a number of prestigious agencies worldwide, have appeared in countless books and magazines. He has also coauthored several natural history books on the Galápagos Islands, Antarctica, New Zealand, and the world's albatrosses and is currently working on a sister volume called Penguins: Th eir World, Th eir Ways. Th e cover image comes from a new body of work for a book on Kenya's Laikipia region, and represents Mark's fi rst forays into the use of sophisticated camera-trap techniques to capture shots of elusive nocturnal animals.