A Study of Fathers and Infant Caretaking


  • Jo Manion R.N., M.A.

    1. Jo Manion received a B.S.N. from Marycrest College in Davenport, Iowa and a M.A. in Nursing of Children from the University of Iowa. She has worked as an obstetrical staff nurse, a maternity nursing instructor and a pediatric clinical specialist, and is currently the Maternal-Child Health Coordinator at St. Luke's Methodist Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She has taught Lamaze childbirth classes for over 3 years.
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ABSTRACT: Forty-five first time fathers’involvement with their newborn infants was studied. These fathers were found to provide infant care activities, which depended upon the complexity of the tasks, the sex of the infant, past parental relationships, and the father's participation in the birth.