ABSTRACT: The Birthplace nurse-midwifery staffing, practice, cost, and outcomes are described. Of 527 women having initial prenatal visits 8 were referred for obstetrician care; 78 moved or dropped out; and 56 were referred to obstetricians later in pregnancy (among them 17 for spontaneous abortions and 10 for breech presentation, 5 for twins, and 6 for pre-eclampsia).

Of 385 women cared for at The Birthplace through the onset of labor, 82 were transported to hospitals during labor, most for failure to progress before and after rupture of membranes and prolonged second stage.

Of 303 women delivered at The Birthplace, the following are discussed: the status of labor at admission, durations of stages of labor, incidence of episiotomies and lacerations, medication use, indications for 82 maternal intrapartum transports, mode of delivery of transports, indications for 11 postpartum maternal and 10 neonatal transports, and their outcomes.