ABSTRACT: This survey examined types and prevalence of policies established by large companies to support breastfeeding among their employees. Twelve firms with known breastfeeding support programs were surveyed by telephone. In addition, a survey was mailed to 100 of the most profitable Fortune 500 companies; 29 percent responded. All repondents had maternity leave policies including guaranteed return to the same or a similar position; 32 percent had flex time and part-time policies; and less than 5 percent had job sharing or day care available. Only 14 percent of responding companies allowed breastfeeding in the workplace; 5 percent had an electric breast pump and 48 percent had refrigeration facilities on site. Fourteen percent of the respondent companies reported having available health care and educational materials related to parenting. The types of support available in companies contacted because they were known to take an affirmative position are described.