Book Reviews in this Article:

Human Milk in Infant Nutrition and Health Edited by Rodney Howell, Frank H. Morriss, Jr., and Larry K. Pickering Charles C Thomas

Who's In Control? By Susan Isaacs Putnam

Ambulatory Prenatal Nursing Care: Practice Standards for Positive Pregnancy Outcomes By Marjorie R. Berg, LaVahn E. Josten, Karen Knoll, Barbara A. Taylor, and Marilyn K. Wilfong

Breastfeeding and the Working Mother By Diane Mason and Diane Ingersoll

Should I Call the Doctor? A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Your Child's Illness and Injuries By Christine A. Nelson, M.D., and Susan C. Pescar

Childbirth: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide By Rosemary Cline Diulio