Book Reviews in this Article:

Heart and Hands, 2nd ed. By Elizabeth Davis

Labor Pains: Modern Midwives and Home Birth By Deborah A. Sullivan and Rose Weitz

Genetics, Environment, & Your Baby: A Workbook for Parents to Be By Stirling M. Puck, M.D., and Jeanie Puleston Fleming

Pre- and Perinatal Psychology. An Introduction Edited by T.R. Verny

The Nurturing Father By Kyle D. Pruett, M.D.

Readings for Today's Maternal/Child Nurse A Collection of Informative Articles from MCN/ The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing Edited by Barbara E. Bishop, RN, FAAN, and Thelma M. Schorr, RN

Miscarriage: Sharing the Grief, Facing the Pain, Healing the Wounds By Walter Williamson

Pregnant Too Soon: Adoption Is an Option, rev. ed. By Jeanne Warren Lindsay, M.A.

Commonsense Breastfeeding: A Practical Guide to the Pleasures, Problems, and Solutions By Diane M. Reukauf and Mary Anne Trause, PhD