Management of Selected Early Breastfeeding Problems Seen in Clinical Practice


  • Marsha Walker R.N., B.S., B.A., A.C.C.E., I.B.C.L.C.

    1. Marsha Walker is director of the breastfeeding support program at Harvard Community Health Plan, Wellesley, Massachusetts, and partner in Lactation Associates, providing education and consultation to health care providers. Address correspondence to 254 Conant Road, Weston, MA 02193.
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Abstract: Management guidelines for six common clusters of breastfeeding situations or problems commonly seen in clinical practice are discussed. These include inadequate infant weight gain, insufficient milk supply, nipple problems, latch-on and sucking disorganization, high-risk situations, and the “good baby” syndrome. Charts are provided describing devices and specialized techniques from which to choose when creating a feeding plan.