• peroneal nerve injuries;
  • obstetric delivery complications;
  • nerve compression syndromes

ABSTRACT: Background: Peroneal neuropathy has been well described in the literature, but few cases have been reported of bilateral peroneal neuropathy as a complication of normal childbirth. Most reported cases are due to prolonged squatting during childbirth, which is prevalent in certain countries. Case report: A 30-year-old woman developed bilateral footdrop shortly after normal vaginal delivery under epidural analgesics. Neurological examination and electrodiagnostic studies confirmed bilateral common peroneal mononeuropathy most likely secondary to prolonged and excessive pressure around the knees by attendants who were assisting at the delivery. The woman showed significant improvement of her symptoms after physical therapy and assisted devices. Conclusions: Excessive and prolonged pressure knee holding during normal childbirth may result in compressive peripheral neuropathy. Patient education and awareness among the labor and delivery team will prevent this avoidable complication. (BIRTH 34:2 June 2007)