This article corrects:

  1. Mothers without Companionship During Childbirth: An Analysis within the Millennium Cohort Study Volume 35, Issue 4, 266–276, Article first published online: 18 November 2008

We wish to correct the following errors published in Birth in December 2008: Essex HN, Pickett KE. Mothers without companionship during childbirth: An analysis within the Millennium Cohort Study. Birth 2008;35(4):266-276.

Page 273

Table 4

The p value for “Emergency cesarean section” should read 0.1.

The heading for column two should read “OR or log odds ratios (95% CI)” rather than “OR or RR (95% CI).”

Page 274

The text that refers to the findings in Table 4, in relation to mode of delivery and pain relief, should read: “Being unaccompanied at birth was a marginally significant risk factor for having an emergency cesarean section (= 0.1) and for receiving a general anesthetic (= 0.05), and was associated with a significant increased risk of having spinal pain relief anesthesia (< 0.05).”