Background. The treatment of keloids and hypertrophic scars has been difficult and a recent French study showed that bleomycin has been useful in the treatment of these lesions.

Objective. To determine the effectiveness and safety of bleomycin in the treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids when this drug is administered through multiple superficial punctures.

Methods. We applied bleomycin to keloids and hypertrophic scars in 13 patients using a multiple-puncture method on the surface of the skin. All patients were given bleomycin at a concentration of 1.5 IU/ml. Clinical response after treatment was classified according to the following scale: complete flattening (100%), highly significant flattening (>90%), or significant flattening (75–90%).

Results. The clinical response was very positive in all cases: complete flattening in six cases, highly significant flattening in six cases, and significant flattening in one case. Two patients presented a recurrence as a small nodule 10 and 12 months after the last infiltration.

Conclusions. These clinical findings show that administration of bleomycin in keloids and hypertrophic scars shows promise and needs further investigation.