The Versatile V-Y Flap for Facial Reconstruction


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Background. There are many acceptable treatments for facial skin cancer, but some form of surgical excision is by far the most widely accepted. After surgical excision, there will necessarily be a defect that has to be managed. The V-Y flap is a very useful modality for repair of such defects in all zones of the face.

Objective. This article reviews the indications for V-Y flaps and the surgical technique that should result in a successful reconstruction. Each zone of the face is independently discussed, along with the appropriate variations in technique for each area.

Methods. An evaluation of the literature as well as the extensive experience of the senior author in performing this procedure provides the basis for this review.

Conclusion. V-Y flaps are extremely versatile and relatively easy to perform. All areas of the face can be successfully reconstructed after skin cancer removal with V-Y flaps if they are properly designed and executed.