A Case of Foul Genital Odor Treated with Botulinum Toxin A


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Background. Genital odor is an uncommon condition characterized by an offensive and malodorous smell in the genital area. Although the etiology of foul genital odor is multifactorial, an important cause is sweat secretion and decomposition of sweat components by bacteria. Different methods are effective in reducing body odor secondary to bromhidrosis. Conservative methods only act for a short period of time, and more invasive surgical methods carry risk of complications or are inapplicable for the genital region.

Methods. A patient with localized foul odor in the genital hair bearing area was treated with botulinum toxin A.

Results. Botulinum toxin A was effective in creating an odorless and anhydrous response in the genital region, and no major adverse effects were noted during a follow-up of 9 months after injection.

Conclusion. Local injection of botulinum toxin A appears to be a useful treatment for foul genital odor related to sweat glands activity.