Long-Term Effectiveness and Safety of Small Gel Particle Hyaluronic Acid for Hand Rejuvenation


  • Medicis Aesthetics Inc. (Scottsdale, AZ) funded this study.

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Fillers to reverse the effects of fat atrophy can help restore the hands' youthful appearance.


To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of small gel particle hyaluronic acid (SGP-HA) for hand rejuvenation through 1 year.

Materials and Methods

A prospective open-label study recruited adults with moderate to severe vascular, bony, and tendon prominence. After a topical anesthetic was applied, SGP-HA (maximum dose of 4.0 mL) was injected into the dorsum using a threading technique and distributed by massage.


There were 16 patients with a mean ± SD age of 60.1 ± 5.3. Two weeks after treatment, vascular, tendon, and bony prominence and skin turgor were improved by 60.9%, 65.2%, 73.7%, and 26.3%, respectively. Substantial or complete global aesthetic improvement was rated in 75% of patients by investigators and in 56% by self-report; 81% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied. Five needed a touch-up (maximum 1.0 mL/hand). Improvements were largely maintained at 6 months, with 85% patient satisfaction, and assessments approached pretreatment levels at 1 year, with 50% patient satisfaction. One patient reported itching on one hand, which was judged to be unrelated to treatment.


SGP-HA produced lasting improvements in aging hands and was safe and well tolerated.