• aibitite;
  • Guatemala;
  • jadeite;
  • jadeitite;
  • metasomatism;
  • Motagua Fault Zone


Jadeitites from Guatemala are found as weathered blocks in tectonized serpentinite in a 15-km zone north of the Motagua Fault Zone. Rock types found with jadeitite include albitites, albite-mica rocks, omphacite/taramitic amphibole-bearing metabasites, chlorite-actinolite schists, talc-carbonate rocks and antigorite schists. In addition to the predominant jadeitic (Jd93_100) pyroxene, common phases in jadeitite include micas (paragonite and/or phengite ± rarer phlogopite), omphacite, albite, titanite /Pm zircon, apatite and graphite. Conditions of jadeitite formation are 100-400d̀ C, 5-11 kbar with 0.0 > log10asio2≥= 0.7. Fluid inclusions, coarse textures, vein structures, and rhythmic zoning of pyroxene indicate an aqueuos fluid was involved. Jadeitites are either (1) metasomatic modifications of former felsic-to-pelitic inclusions that have undergone silica depletion plus efficient soda exchange and enrichment, or (2) solution precipitations derived from such a source. The close spatial relationship of faults and shear zones, serpentinites, and jadeitites suggests jadeitites form in a relatively high-P/T setting with substantial flow of sodic fluid in a tectonized zone.

Most Guatemalan jadeitites are extensively altered to analcime, albite, taramitic amphibole, (clino)zoisite ± nepheline and preiswerkite. This alteration reflects depressurization /Pm heating to below the jadeite + fluid = analcime reaction at high aNa. With progressive alteration, analcime and nepheline are replaced by albite; the increase in silica content may result from fluid flowing up a tectonized zone reaching saturation with an albite assemblage. Albitite phases, albite, actinolite, zoisite, /Pm chlorite, phengite, K-feldspar and quartz, record conditions of c. 3-8 kbar at T < 400d̀ C, indicating a clockwise P-T trajectory of the blocks.

Barium aluminosilicates—banalsite, celsian, cymrite and hyalophane—are common minor late-stage phases in jadeitites and albite-rich rocks. Barian phengite is common in albite-mica rocks.