An improved and extended internally consistent thermodynamic dataset for phases of petrological interest, involving a new equation of state for solids



The thermodynamic properties of 254 end-members, including 210 mineral end-members, 18 silicate liquid end-members and 26 aqueous fluid species are presented in a revised and updated internally consistent thermodynamic data set. The PVT properties of the data set phases are now based on a modified Tait equation of state (EOS) for the solids and the Pitzer & Sterner (1995) equation for gaseous components. Thermal expansion and compressibility are linked within the modified Tait EOS (TEOS) by a thermal pressure formulation using an Einstein temperature to model the temperature dependence of both the thermal expansion and bulk modulus in a consistent way. The new EOS has led to improved fitting of the phase equilibrium experiments. Many new end-members have been added, including several deep mantle phases and, for the first time, sulphur-bearing minerals. Silicate liquid end-members are in good agreement with both phase equilibrium experiments and measured heat of melting. The new dataset considerably enhances the capabilities for thermodynamic calculation on rocks, melts and aqueous fluids under crustal to deep mantle conditions. Implementations are already available in thermocalc to take advantage of the new data set and its methodologies, as illustrated by example calculations on sapphirine-bearing equilibria, sulphur-bearing equilibria and calculations to 300 kbar and 2000 °C to extend to lower mantle conditions.