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ede497-sup-0001_FigureS1.jpg1355KFig. S1. The movement of blastoderm cells during invagination, exemplified by cnc staining—a series of images of embryos aged between 38 and 48 h, covering the complete period of the invagination-related movement of blastoderm cells.
ede497-sup-0002_FigureS2.jpg635KFig. S2. Late-stage expression of head genes in Oncopeltus fasciatus.
ede497-sup-0003_TableS1.doc73KTable S1. Details of genes cloned, and of fragments used for RNA in situ hybridization and for dsRNA-mediated RNAi.
ede497-sup-0004_TableS2.doc73KTable S2. Different classes of phenotypes found after RNAi experiments.

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