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ede504-sup-0001-FigureS1.pdf4675KFig. S1. Section through a stage 5 embryo stained for nautilus (nau). The section goes laterally through the dorsal segmental units. Note that nau is exclusively expressed in the mesoderm.
ede504-sup-0001-FigureS1.pdf4675KFig. S2. Expression of betaTub56D and act5C/42A. (A-C) Expression of betaTub56D. (A) Blastoderm stage embryo. betaTub56D is ubiquitously expressed, but expression in the cumulus (cu) is weaker; expression directly anterior to the cu is stronger (arrow). (B) Stage 1 embryo. Ubiquitous expression. Stripes appear associated with thickened segmental tissue. (C) Stage 3 embryo. Ubiquitous expression. Note that in the ventral portion of the postmaxillary (pmx) segment expression is at lower levels (white arrow). The midline (arrowhead), the tip of the antennae (asterisk) and the area lateral to the antennae (black arrow) express betaTub56D at very low levels. (D-F) Expression of act5C/42A. (D) Ubiquitous expression at stage 0.1. A stripe of stronger expression lies anterior in the future head. (E) Stage 0.5 embryo. Ubiquitous expression. (F) Stage 3 embryo. Ubiquitous expression, but the midline is free from transcripts (arrowhead) (or expresses act5C/42A at very low levels).

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