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Supplementary Material S1 Alignment of P. exigua Vit genomic DNA sequence (gDNA) with its corresponding cDNA region (cDNA) flanking the missing phosvitin domain. The primers used to amplify the gDNA fragment are underlined. Identical nucleotide residues are shown with vertical bars and nucleotide numbers are shown on the right. Exon sequences are illustrated with capital letters and introns with lower-case letters.

Supplementary Material S2 Amino acid alignment of the large lipid transfer module of sea star (P. exigua) Vtg and those of other invertebrate and vertebrate LLTPs. The 14 conserved regions identified are boxed and labelled, many of which conform closely to the conserved blocks recognized by Smolenaars et al. (2007). Numbers to the left of each conserved region indicate the N-terminal starting position for each sequence. Dashes indicate gaps within the alignment. Cysteine (C) residues are shown with white text on a black background. For the remaining amino acids, those with similar physico-chemical properties are shaded with the same background colour. A, I, L, M, V - aliphatic & hydrophobic (yellow); F, W, Y - aromatic & hydrophobic (orange); N, Q, S, T - neutral & polar (green); D, E - acidic (red); H, K, R - basic (blue), G, P - conformationally important (purple)

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