Table S1. Data per species. α = stem length-diameter scaling exponent; height = maximum tree height; precipitation and evenness indices were derived from PCAs based on the climatic variables included in this table (see Materials and Methods).

Table S2. Complete models for comparing ontogenetic change in mechanical parameters between species (models 3 and 4, see Materials and Methods).

Table S3. Univariate regression models predicting log10Estruct and log10Ewood for B. instabilis.

Table S4. Variables and loadings of the first PC axes of the two PCAs used to construct the precipitation (Ppt) and temperature (T) seasonality indices.

Table S5. Phylogenetic signal in the residual deviation of regression models.

Appendix S1. Environmental variables extracted from WorldClim version 1.4 (Hijmans et al. 2005).

Appendix S2. Phylogenetic reconstruction of the sampled species in the simaruba clade, including locality, voucher information, and Genbank accession numbers.

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