A Model of Community-Focused Nursing


Address correspondence to: Patrice Artress Cruise, MS, RN; Andrews University Nursing Department, Berrien Springs, MI 49104. Telephone: (616) 471-3311.


Theoretically, the focus of community health nursing is the community; however, the nature of the practice has not been well documented. The purpose of this study was to develop a community-focused model by identifying appropriate behaviors and activities for staff-level community health nurses. A list of suggested behaviors and activities was compiled by means of brainstorming sessions and sent to a sample of community health nursing administrators, educators, and staff nurses in Michigan. Responses were analyzed using nonmetric multidimensional scaling techniques to uncover and define the primary underlying dimensions of perceived community-focused practice of community health nursing. Three specific regions were identified and labeled: (1) client-oriented services; (2) aggregate needs identification; and (3) aggregate planning and intervention. These regions (concepts) have been illustrated graphically in a proposed model for community focused nursing entitled the S-C model. In addition, discrepancies among the three respondent groups were identified.