Recollections of Nursing and Health Care in the Soviet Union


  • Walter S. Fahey B.Sc., M.A., Cert. Ed.

    1. Walter S. Fahey is Senior lecturer in sociology, Gloucestershire College of AN and Technology, The Park, Cheltenham GL50 2RR, Gloucestershire, England.
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I led a party of British nurses on an Interchange of London study tour of Moscow and Leningrad early in 1986. The limitations inherent in a short tour, in which the visits were strictly organized by our hosts, are appreciated, but the party was able to visit examples of the three main institutions of care in which Soviet nurses work and to spend two evenings in informal discussion with nursing personnel. The interpretation of findings is my own and does not necessarily assume complete objectivity. Nevertheless, I have attempted to discuss data dispassionately and feel that information obtained is relevant and interesting in its own right. I have no doubt that we were shown the very best of Soviet nursing and health care, and no claims are made as to how representative the particular polyclinic, ambulance center, and hospital visited are of those in the USSR as a whole.