Historical Reprint

The annotated bibliography, in edited version, that follows was first published in its entirety 62 years ago in Public Health Nurse; February 18(2):83-90, 1926. It was first presented as a paper at the Fifth International Congress of Nurses, in Helsingfors, Finland, July 1925. The author, and editor of the journal, Ada M. Carr, acknowledged the assistance of Lavinia Dock, Adelaide Nutting, and A. M. Peterkin. The latter was general superintendent, Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses, London, England. For convenience, Carr divided the literature review into three time periods: 1860-1900, 1901-1912, and 1913-1925. Although she offered the caveat “… this sketch of public health nursing literature cannot in any sense be considered exhaustive,” one cannot help being impressed with the amount and quality of writing published during these years.

Ruth N. Knollmueller, M.P.H.

Historical Editor