Nursing on a Construction Crew in Nicaragua


  • Margaret A. Lynch R.N., B.A.,

    Corresponding author
    1. part-time staff nurse with the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston and a candidate for the Master's Degree in Community Health Nursing at Yale University, New Haven, CT.
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  • Mary I. Lenihan R.N., M.A.-M.S.

    1. working in Esteli, Nicaragua, at the Eduardo Selva Health Center.
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Abstract In the winter of 1985, two Boston-area community activists organized the Vecino Brigade iyecino is neighbor in Spanish) to build a health center in the town of Estelf, Nicaragua. The center is now the Eduardo Selva Clinic, serving this town of about 70,000 people. The authors, both registered nurses, traveled with the crew of 38 women and men as organizers of the group's health care and as unskilled construction workers. This article describes their experiences.