Abstract A study of the support networks and social support of recently divorced women with children was conducted over two years. Its purpose was to assess changes in the women's social support and identify their unmet needs. Data were collected from 148 women by mailed questionnaire and telephone interview soon after the final divorce decree, and again at two years. The women did experience a significant decrease in network size and social support over two years; however, the primary members of their networks—family and friends—remained stable. Women with preschool-age children had more family support than those with older children. Nine categories of unmet needs were identified. Most frequently cited, in descending order, were emotional support, financial assistance, need for a boyfriend/partner/spouse, time for herself, and child care. The average number of needs per woman was less than two. The findings of this study confirm the losses in overall network size and support that women experience after divorce. The identification of unmet needs helps nurses to target areas in which women may require assistance to find social support.