Abstract A pilot project is described that was initiated to provide a comprehensive clinical experience for community health nursing (CHN) students despite local cutbacks in field nursing services. The project, entitled the Nursing Elementary Education Outreach Project (NEEOP), is used as a basis for discussion on the CHN role in community-focused health care reform. One-third of the CHN students in one school of nursing during one academic year (n= 16) participated in the NEEOP. One salaried CHN faculty member assumed primary responsibility, and equipment funding was granted by a local corporation. Collaboration was established with the county's proactive school nurses' association. CHN students developed and conducted health education presentations in elementary schools, worked with school nurses, and participated in other community health activities. Three levels of evaluation were utilized: elementary students to nursing students, nursing students to nursing faculty, and school nurses to nursing faculty. The NEEOP was a success by all evaluation criteria, and plans are currently in progress to expand its focus. Innovative clinical placements such as the one described can promote student understanding of CHN practice with its broad-based emphasis on the promotion of healthier communities.