This article corrects:

  1. Re-Evaluating Current Public Health Policy: Alternative Public Health Nursing Approaches to Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing for Teens and Males who Have Sex with Males Volume 22, Issue 6, 523–528, Article first published online: November 2005

O'Byrne, P. & Holmes, D. (2005). Re-evaluating current public health policy: Alternative public health nursing approaches to sexually transmitted infection testing for teens and males who have sex with males. Public Health Nursing, 22(6), 523–528.

A sentence from page 526, column 2, lines 18–23 was incorrectly printed and should read:

However, the studies that addressed the issue of confidentiality for non-HIV STIs reported that any decrease in the confidentiality of services provided would result in clients ceasing to be tested, while not stopping the activities for which they were previously accessing services (Ford & English, 2002; CDC, 1993; Kovac, 1997).

We apologize to Drs. O'Byrne and Holmes and to readers for this error.