• acupressure;
  • multimedia;
  • myopia;
  • refractive error;
  • traditional Chinese medicine;
  • visual acuity;
  • visual health

ABSTRACT Objective: Myopia is a significant health issue but it can be alleviated and prevented by several interventions. This study aimed to construct an intervention of acupressure and interactive multimedia for visual health and to evaluate the effect of its application on schoolchildren.

Design: A pre-posttest experimental research design with a control group was used. The experimental group received a 15-week visual health intervention, whereas the control group received none.

Sample: 70 children with visual impairment were recruited from 1 elementary school in Taipei, Taiwan.

Measurements: The data of demographic factors, visual health knowledge, visual acuity, and refractive error were collected before and after the intervention.

Results: After the intervention, the experimental group demonstrated improvements in visual health knowledge, visual acuity, and refractive error.

Conclusions: The outcomes of using the intervention seemed to be promising, but broader studies exploring its effects on children in different school years as well as its longitudinal effects are required.