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The ExploreSurge Trail Guide and Hiking Workshop: Discipline-Specific Education for Public Health Nurses


Sharon A. R. Stanley, 1212 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212. E-mail:


ABSTRACT Generic preparedness education and training for the public health workforce has increased in availability over the past 5 years. Registered Nurses also have more opportunities available for participation in emergency and disaster preparedness curricula. Discipline- and specialty-specific training and education for public health nurses (PHNs) incorporating their population-based practice, however, remains a largely unexplored area that is not accessible except for sporadic local venues. The Public Health Nursing Surge Curriculum provides 50 hr of nursing continuing education and activity-based aggregate focused learning experiences that are completed within a 12-month period, including an in-classroom seminar. The Public Health Nursing Surge Curriculum was developed on a foundation of 25 competencies linking PHNs and their population-based practice to surge capability. The curriculum was built in partnership with statewide public health directors of nursing over a 12-month period and is evaluated by a 3-level process to include self-rated confidence in performance. The curriculum's use of a blended learning methodology enables staff-level PHNs to master individual competencies toward surge capability within the public health response system.