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Evaluation of an Educational Intervention to Promote Breast Pump Use Among Women With Infants in a Special Care Nursery in Kenya


Dana Friend, Department of Health Restoration, WVU School of Nursing, PO Box 9600, Morgantown, WV 26506. E-mail:


ABSTRACT Objectives: Development of an educational program for women of special care nursery (SCN) infants in Kenya about the use and cleaning of breast pumps through culturally appropriate teaching tools as well as conduction of an evaluation of change in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practical ability in pump use following the educational intervention.

Design: An evaluation of an educational intervention.

Sample: 40 women with infants in the SCN unable to directly breastfeed.

Intervention: Educational intervention instructing electric or pedal breast pump use and cleaning with a pre- and posttest evaluation.

Results: Paired t test scores of the combined practically oriented questions were significantly increased from 1.8 to 4.6 (p<.001) from pre- to posttest scores. Likewise, the practical demonstration of learned pump use skills significantly improved from 0.08 preintervention to 4.8 postintervention ( p<.001).

Conclusions: Results of the evaluation indicated the intervention significantly increased women's practical knowledge regarding use and cleaning of the breast pump and accessories. With knowledge of proper use of breast pumps, women will be more likely to successfully utilize pumps to provide adequate milk volumes for SCN infants. A culturally appropriate educational intervention in developing countries appears to be a feasible means of facilitating instruction of breast pump use.