• advanced nursing practice;
  • graduate nursing education;
  • home health care;
  • hospice;
  • occupational health;
  • public health nursing education;
  • public health nursing practice;
  • school health

ABSTRACT Objectives: This paper presents thoughts of practice leaders in the community/public health nursing (C/PHN) specialty on advanced nursing practice (ANP) and the necessary educational preparation for such practice.

Design and Sample: Practice leaders were engaged in conversations specifically focused on the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) as preparation for ANP in their specialties, and asked to consider the benefits of, and challenges to, this educational program.

Measures and Results: The resulting remarks were then assessed for themes by the interviewers and these are presented along with thoughts on the future of education for ANP.

Conclusion: Overall, there was much agreement among the practice leaders interviewed about the importance of a broad skill set for ANP in the specialty. However, the practice leaders interviewed here also identified the practical challenges involved in educating nurses at the DNP level in the C/PHN specialty, as well as some concerns about the definitions of ANP for the future.