Developing Health Promotion Interventions: A Multisource Method Applied to Weight Loss Among Low-Income Postpartum Women


Lorraine O. Walker, School of Nursing, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX. E-mail:


ABSTRACT Developing focused and relevant health promotion interventions is critical for behavioral change in a low-resource or special population. Evidence-based interventions, however, may not match the specific population or health concern of interest. This article describes the Multisource Method (MSM), which, in combination with a workshop format, may be used by health professionals and researchers in health promotion program development. The MSM draws on positive deviance practices and processes, focus groups, community advisors, behavioral change theory, and evidence-based strategies. Use of the MSM is illustrated in the development of ethnic-specific weight loss interventions for low-income postpartum women. The MSM may be useful in designing future health programs designed for other special populations for whom existing interventions are unavailable or lack relevance.