• evaluation;
  • interventions;
  • leadership;
  • nursing management;
  • Omaha System;
  • standards

ABSTRACT Objective: To test the feasibility of representing public health nurse (PHN) manager interventions using a recognized standardized nursing terminology.

Design and Sample: A nurse manager in a Midwest local public health agency documented nurse manager interventions using the Omaha System for 5 months.

Analytic Strategy: The data were analyzed and the results were compared with the results from a parallel analysis of existing PHN intervention data.

Results: Interventions for 79 “clients” (projects, teams, or individuals) captured 76% of recorded work hours, and addressed 43% of Omaha System problems. Most problems were addressed at the “community” level (87.1%) versus the “individual” level (12.9%).

Conclusions: Nursing practice differed between the 2 knowledge domains of public health family home visiting nursing and public health nursing management. Standardized nursing terminologies have the potential to represent, describe, and quantify nurse manager interventions for future evaluation and research.