A Survey of Childhood Psoriasis in Kuwait


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Abstract: One hundred ninety cases of childhood (age birth-12 yrs) psoriasis constituted 0.3% of the total of new dermatologic outpatients. Girls outnumbered boys by a ratio of 1.5:1. Plaque psoriasis was the commonest clinical variant (84%), followed by guttate psoriasis. The scalp was the most common site of onset (22%). Sites predominantly affected later were the extensor surfaces of the legs and the scalp (63% and 53%, respectively). A majority of the children had a milder form of disease. Nail involvement was seen in 36%, with pitting the most common feature (87%). Seven percent had mucosal involvement. A positive family history of psoriasis was obtained in 28%. Topical therapy (coal tar, anthralin, steroids) was the main treatment in the majority of patients (92%). Sixteen patients (8%) required more aggressive intervention (ultraviolet B, psoralin-UVA, retinoids). This is the first study of this kind from the Middle East, the findings are compared with those reported from other parts of the world.