Abstract: Glomangiomas, or multiple glomus tumors, occur in disseminated, localized, or congenital plaquelike forms. The first two cases of congenital plaquelike glomangioma were described in 1990. We report a 9-year-old girl with a congenital, violaceous, 75-cm2 indurated plaque of the left abdomen that showed the classic histologic findings of glomangioma. In our review of the world literature, we found 11 additional, welldocumented cases of glomangioma present at birth. Ten of these patients had violaceous indurated plaques, and the other two had clusters of discrete nodules. The majority of lesions were painless and enlarged with body growth. Many patients developed satellite lesions at sites distant from the original glomangiomas later in life. Family history of glomangioma was positive in 4 of the 12 patients.