Abstract:  Lichen planus is a disease generally considered uncommon in children. Our objective was to obtain epidemiologic data retrospectively and determine the clinical characteristics of lichen planus in Mexican children seen in our dermatology department. We found 235 patients with the clinical and histologic diagnosis of lichen planus seen over a period of 22 years and 7 months. Twenty-four (10.2%) of these patients were children (15 years of age or younger). The ratio of male to female was 1 : 1.2. The main clinical pattern was classic lichen planus (43.5%). Mucous membrane and nail involvement were uncommon. No family history of lichen planus or systemic disease was noted. In the international literature, the frequency of lichen planus varied from 2.1% to 11.2% of the pediatric population. In the majority of studies no significant gender predominance was identified. Most patients had the classic variety of lichen planus. Reported mucosal involvement was rare, except in India and Kuwait. Frequency of nail involvement ranged from 0% to 16.6%. Little evidence of systemic disease or family history was found.