What is Standard of Care in the Evaluation of Elastosis Perforans Serpiginosa? A Survey of Pediatric Dermatologists


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Abstract:  Elastosis perforans serpiginosa is a rare chronic dermatosis characterized by extrusion of altered elastic fibers through the epidermis. It often occurs in association with a variety of connective tissue disorders, and may develop following penicillamine therapy; however, it may also present without comorbidities. There are currently no well-established protocols for the investigation of possible associated disorders in patients who present with elastosis perforans serpiginosa. We describe three patients with idiopathic elastosis perforans serpiginosa seen at our clinic and review the standard of care among 31 pediatric dermatologists surveyed who have cared for such a patient within the last 2 years. Based upon the results of our survey, we conclude that most pediatric dermatologists limit their evaluation of such patients to a thorough patient history and physical examination. This limited approach may be a sufficient evaluation in affected patients who are otherwise healthy.