Mucocele in Pediatric Patients: Analysis of 36 Children


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Abstract:  Mucoceles are common benign lesions of the oral cavity that develop following extravasation or retention of mucous material from major or minor salivary glands. Most series report a higher incidence of mucocele in young patients but no studies exist for this specific age group. The records of 104 patients presenting with mucocele who underwent surgery in the Oral Diseases Clinic of the Department of Dermatology of the University of São Paulo, Brazil, between 1991 and 2006, were reviewed. Of these, 36 (34.6%) were 15 years old or younger, the youngest being 2 years old. Twenty-six patients were girls, 10 were boys. Lesions were located on the lower labial mucosa (30 patients), tongue (three), floor of the mouth (one), buccal mucosa (one), and in one patient the location was unknown. Histopathology revealed an extravasation pattern in 35 patients and a retention pattern in one. Of the distinct subtypes of mucocele, tongue lesions (mucocele of the glands of Blandin-Nuhn) seem to be more prevalent and retention mucoceles seem to be very rare in children.