New Emollient with Topical Corticosteroid-Sparing Effect in Treatment of Childhood Atopic Dermatitis: SCORAD and Quality of Life Improvement


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Abstract:  Emollients are commonly used for their effectiveness on atopic skin, supported by a few clinical studies suggesting their potential role as corticosteroid sparing agents. We investigated the effect of a new natural emollient on corticosteroid sparing and quality of life of young atopic children and their family. Eighty-six patients (4–48 mos) with moderate atopic dermatitis were randomized by 20 pediatricians to five groups for 21 days: corticosteroids (from twice daily to one application every other day) combined or not with the studied cream (twice daily), and evaluated by SCORAD and specific quality of life questionnaires. At the end of the study, all five groups were statistically improved in terms of SCORAD and quality of life index. Thus, application of a topical corticosteroid every other day in addition to the studied cream was as effective as a once or twice daily application of the steroid alone. The studied cream had a significant impact on lichenification, excoriation and quality of life. A twice daily application of a new natural emollient provided a major corticosteroid sparing, improved lichenification and excoriation and improved the quality of life in children and their parents.