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Multiple Nevoid Hypertrichosis as An Isolated Developmental Defect


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Abstract:  A 3-year-old girl presented with longer hair on the left side of her scalp, coarse hair of abnormal length on her extremities, and a tuft of hair in the lumbosacral region, with all hair distributed on normally pigmented skin. Neither similar or relevant family history nor associated extracutaneous abnormalities was detected after a thorough examination. Clinical diagnosis of patchy nevoid hypetrichosis was confirmed by histology. Nevoid hypertrichosis is a rare hair growth disorder that usually presents at or soon after birth. It is characterized by patches of hypertrichosis distributed in a segmental pattern. It may be accompanied by mental, ocular, or myoskeletal abnormalities. Cases of nevoid hypertrichosis with multiple patches presenting as a solitary developmental defect have been rarely described in the literature.