A Novel Heterozygous Point Mutation in the p63 Gene in a Patient with Ectodermal Dysplasia Associated with B-Cell Leukemia


Address correspondence to Miguel C. González, M.D., Departament of Dermatology, Hospital Naval, Complejo Hospitalario Arquitecto Marcide-Novoa Santos, Ctra San Pedro-Catabois, s/n, 15405 Ferrol, Spain, or e-mail: miguel.cabanillas.gonzalez@sergas.es.


Abstract:  We report a 7-year-old boy with a past medical history of B-cell leukemia with dysmorphic features, including cleft palate, hypotrichosis with trichorrhexis nodosa, hypohidrosis, oligodontia, and ridging of nails. A heterozygous germline mutation, Ala111Thr, in the p63 gene was detected in the boy and in his mother, who had no clinical expression. This case emphasizes the spectrum of different phenotypical manifestations of mutations in the p63 gene and underlines the possible role of this gene as a tumor suppressor.