Abstract:  The aim of this case report was to determine the method and basic principles of immediate tissue expansion using a Foley catheter in the forehead region for treating a medium-sized congenital melanocytic nevus. A 4-year-old child presented with a supraorbitally located forehead congenital melanocytic nevus, close to the midline. Total excision and reconstruction with intraoperatively expanded forehead skin below the hairline was performed. Intraoperative tissue expansion using a Foley catheter allowed us to obtain expanded and enhanced local tissue, which had tissue characteristics similar to those of the forehead skin, and thus closure of a medium-sized defect without distorting important anatomic structures such as the brow and frontal hairline was possible. Of the two methods of tissue expansion, immediate expansion using a Foley catheter is a good alternative in single-stage reconstruction of head and neck defects because it has the advantage of omnidirectional expansion.