Clear-Cell Papulosis: A Rare Entity That May Be Misconstrued Pathologically as Normal Skin


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Abstract:  We describe a case of multiple, discrete, hypopigmented macules in the suprapubic and axillary region in a healthy 3-year-old girl. The lesions first appeared at approximately 9 months of age and increased in number over time. Initial histopathologic examination by an outside dermatopathologist at 1 year of age was reported as showing nonspecific histologic changes. A repeat biopsy at 3 years of age showed large intraepidermal clear cells that expressed CKAE1/CAM5.2, CK7, and BRST2. These findings are diagnostic for clear-cell papulosis, a rare condition that primarily affects children. Without great clinical and pathologic suspicion, this is a diagnosis that can often be overlooked because the histologic findings are virtually identical to those of normal skin.